Dec 03

Have you ever wanted to sell products on your website? Ever wonder how you can possibly collect money from people in the middle of the night while you are sleeping? Think it can’t be done with iWeb? Think again!

Adding e-commerce to an iWeb website does not have to be a tricky thing. Using PayPal gives your website visitors a familiar method for payment, while offering you an easy way to integrate e-commerce into your iWeb website. The video tutorial below will walk you through the necessary steps needed to add e-commerce to an iWeb website. It’s easy to do and can be done by anyone!

Nov 28

Uers look at the address bar in their web browser and see their URL which might look something like this

There is a very easy way to change this URL to appear much cleaner. The end result will have your URL look something like

which is much shorter, and much cleaner looking.

Take a look at this video tutorial which will show you how to easily do this. All you need is iWeb SEO Tool, which is available to download for free! This extremely popular video over 5000 views and many iWeb users have been utilizing this method for making their URLs shorter.

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Nov 25

As we inch closer and closer to the June 2012 end of MobileMe, it is time to begin considering switching our websites to a professional hosting company.  iWebUnlimited users are invited to sign up to RAGE Web Hosting for 50% off!

Sign up on a 3 year plan and receive hosting for $3.50/month, plus get a free domain and a free license to iWeb to WordPress.

That’s a $300 value, all yours for just $126. A savings of $174! You’ll only find this offer available here, on

Note: This offer expires November 28th 2011. Only available to first time RAGE Web Hosting users. Enter promo code BLACK

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Nov 24

Hi Everyone! My name is Jeremy and I will be taking over iWebUnlimited for Jason. Jason has done such a great job with the site and I am extremely happy to be able to have this opportunity to fill his shoes. I have run other mac software video tutorial site for a few years now, and have done work, and continue to do a lot of work with RAGE Software. I have made hundreds of video tutorials on iWeb for both AppTorial and RAGE Software, including the popular SEO For iWeb Walkthrough Video Tutorial. RAGE Software has been an integral part of the iWeb community for many many years, offering the well known free tool called iWeb SEO Tool. I will be discussing many of RAGE Software’s products and services during my tenure with iWebUnlimited, and hope to show iWeb users how using these products will make their lives a lot easier.

I hope to add a lot more to this ever growing site of amazing iWeb tips and tricks. You might notice some edits at the top of older posts. This is just my way of keeping those posts up to date with the most current methods, and simplistic approaches to accomplishing the goals set out in each tutorial.

I know there is some panic right now about the future of iWeb, and I want everyone to know where I stand on this matter. While Apple might no longer continue to develop iWeb, it is still the best option available in terms of drag and drop or WYSIWYG editors for the Mac. As long as you have iWeb on your computer, there is no need to find an alternate web builder right now. I will do my best to keep everyone up to date on this matter, as things will most definitely change in the future (as they normally do). But for the time being, my recommendation to iWeb users is to not panic, and continue using iWeb as you normally do. Use this site and your other available resources to continue to produce the best possible website you can.

If you are a MobileMe user, please know that your account with MobileMe will be expiring in June of 2012. This means you will need to find a new web host very soon. I encourage everyone to do this sooner rather than later. My personal opinion is that if your site is for a business, you should not be using MobileMe as a web host. In previous posts, Jason has recommend RAGE Web Hosting, which I also highly recommend. RAGE Web Hosting is the only hosting company on the market that provides users with iWeb support. As an iWeb user, that type of support is so rare  and so important. Having experienced other web hosts before, I can safely say that you will not be disappointed using RAGE.

That is all for now. To finish off, once again, I am extremely happy to be here, and I look forward to discussing iWeb related topics with you all!

Nov 06

Vanilla Forums in iWeb

Edit: For those of you who find this tutorial to be a bit too advanced, here is an extremely easy way to add a forum to your iWeb website.

Original Article: So most all of us have used forums before. It’s a great way to spark discussion on your site as well as create a community so people with similar interests can communicate with others. You probably have visited our iWeb Forum and gotten your iWeb questions answered there before.  Well this post is all about getting a forum into your iWeb site.  If you have a site that you think could benefit to provide a forum, here is the absolute easiest way to do so. Continue reading »

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Sep 05

If you currently have your website/blog in Apple’s iWeb, you best be making plans to move it to a new web platform.  Of course this platform being WordPress.  This post is for users who have a website/blog that has been created in iWeb and are looking for a solution to move their site.  Many people have been blogging with iWeb and using the MobileMe comments to bring discussion to their blog.  Well, Apple has announced that they will be removing the MobileMe publishing service directly aimed at those iWeb users who currently use MobileMe as a publishing platform.  That means that the iWeb users need to find a new home for their website/blog created in iWeb. Not only do iWeb users need to find a new host, but perhaps a whole new web platform because it seems that iWeb will unfortunately not be developed any further by Apple. So we realize the problem and see that we need to move iWeb to a different web platform such as WordPress.  Well the solution comes from Rage Software.  Rage Software has recently released some software that will do just that.  It will convert your iWeb site content ready to import into WordPress.  This is big because as soon as MobileMe goes away, so will all your comments that were posted on MobileMe as well.  So this is a great tool to save all that content and move it to the WordPress.

Here’s a video on how it works:

You can learn more about it by clicking here:

Visit Rage Software iWeb to WordPress Page

Then to learn all about WordPress visit our brand new site called to learn all about how to build and create websites with WordPress.

Visit »

Aug 10

We have a large community of users that use and love your application iWeb. The last iLife upgrade we were all very excited to see a new version of iWeb and finally get some features we’d been waiting for.  Instead we see that you only updated iPhoto, iMovie, and Garageband.  I think we can understand why you didn’t update iDVD, as digital video is becoming much easier to share in ways other than DVD, but many of us can’t understand why in a world would you discontinue development of iWeb when the internet is only growing and web development is becoming such a huge part of the world around us.

iWeb is pure and simply the easiest way to create a website on a Mac and we think it should stay that way.  So I’ve created a poll to show you how many users would like iWeb to continue.  You can view the numbers below.  Our question is how many people and votes would it take to convince you that there is still a large amount of users that still want iWeb in development from Apple?  Hopefully you can see by the vote results below and the comments of those who truly care and will see that this application is truly worth continuing as part of the iLife suite.

[polldaddy poll=”5388387″]

[polldaddy poll=”5388434″]

iWeb Fans make your voice heard!

iWeb fans please make your voice heard and tell apple how much you want iWeb to remain in development.  Click the link below and fill out the form as often as you can (perhaps daily) and maybe, just maybe, we can let Apple know that iWeb users are many.  (Ever read the Dr. Suess story of “Horton Hears a Who”?, we are the who’s that need to yell “We are here, we are here, we are here”).  Make your voice heard.

Tell Apple You Want iWeb to Stay »

You can also express your thoughts on iWeb in the comments below

Aug 09

After adding the attention bar on my site in July 2011 to show the article “iWeb and Beyond” I had a lot of people on the comments, forum, facebook, and Twitter requesting to post a tutorial on how to add an attention bar to their iWeb sites.  So this tutorial is on how to do just that.  First off let’s explain what an attention bar could be used for.  Of course I used it to on my site to get peoples attention and make sure a certain article I wrote got read.  It’s pretty hard to miss.  You might also use it to let your viewers know that your site will be experiencing some matainance, or perhaps you have a big deal or sale on your site, or you could use it for advertising, or if you really just need to get your viewers attention.  So there are some ideas for how you could use this.

Watch the video above the “How To” or you can view the text tutorial by going here.  Below are the resources you’ll need:

File Download:

Download File »


Thanks everyone and hope you had fun with this iWeb tip.

If you found this tutorial helpful, please consider donating as it takes a lot of time to put together these tips. Thanks much for visiting


Aug 09

After adding the attention bar on my site in July 2011 to show the article “iWeb and Beyond” I had a lot of people on the comments, forum, facebook, and Twitter requesting to post a tutorial on how to add an attention bar to their iWeb sites.  So this tutorial is on how to do just that.  First off let’s explain what an attention bar could be used for.  Of course I used it to on my site to get peoples attention and make sure a certain article I wrote got read.  It’s pretty hard to miss.  You might also use it to let your viewers know that your site will be experiencing some matainance, or perhaps you have a big deal or sale on your site, or you could use it for advertising, or if you really just need to get your viewers attention.  So there are some ideas for how you could use this.   Continue reading »

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Jul 23

UPDATE: Read more about an iWeb replacement coming out soon.

As many of you may know, Apple’s plans for iWeb don’t seem very bright.  The last update of the iLife suite didn’t include any update to iWeb and they aren’t even selling iWeb on the App Store at all. Then to push the knife in a little deeper they announced with iCloud that iWeb publishing will be discontinued as of June 2012.  So…the question then comes to be, what happens now.  So here are my suggestions for all my great iWeb fans of what to do with your websites done in iWeb and how to continue creating a great website easily.

Current iWeb Users

First off, iWeb will run on your computer for quite a while, so if you are privileged enough to have a copy of iWeb on your Mac, that’s great, and you will be able to continue to use it, however you just won’t be able to publish to MobileMe in the future.  So if you have invested a lot of time in your iWeb site or want to continue to develop and build your site in iWeb that is totally fine, however just be sure to make the plans and arrangements to host your website somewhere other than MobileMe.  My suggestions would be to get a web host somewhere such as RAGE iWeb Hosting (iWeb Optimized Hosting).

So as you can see you’ll still be able to run, create, and manage your site with iWeb for some time if you already have it.  The problem is…that iWeb will most likely not be getting an updates or any further development.  When that happens with software that means that it’s shelf life clock has started.  There will come a time where your current version of iWeb won’t be compatible with your operating system or hardware and you’ll have to make a decision to move your site to a different platform, or simply not upgrade your system. My suggestion is always to keep your system current, so then the question then comes…what are my alternatives to iWeb?

iWeb Alternative

There are many other options for those that want to switch to a different platform to host their website.  The success of iWeb has been that it’s simple and easy to make a website.  That’s been the whole motivation and drive for me to run this website.  I being a web developer and an ex-apple employee have loved developing websites with iWeb, but there came a time when my clients wanted a site that had more features, and a web-based backend to manage the site, a more powerful blog, etc. etc.  It was then that I started developing website with a system that has now become my favorite web development platform and tool.  That platform is WordPress!


Some of you may of heard of wordpress and other’s it might be something totally new.  WordPress is a free, Web-based software program that anyone can use to build and maintain a website or blog. It was originally intended as an easy way to set up a blog. But, thanks to the efforts of a large “open source” community of WordPress programmers working to extend and improve its capabilities, WordPress has become much more than just a tool for bloggers. Today’s WordPress is really a “content management system” (CMS), which means that it can be used to run full-sized, social media-rich business websites.  This website here is actually a WordPress website, not an iWeb website.  By just browsing this website you can see the great features that WordPress as a CMS can be for those who want websites.  So then the question comes, “I’ve been using iWeb for so long and I’ve never touched WordPress, how do I learn such a system?”, well ask no longer, I’ve been working on a new website to continue this website with the focus being on WordPress.  So I’m launching the site called to help those of you who wish to transition from iWeb to a more powerful web publishing platform.  It’s still pretty new and I’m adding more content all the time, but it’s goal is to help my iWeb users and fans to transition into learning how to use wordpress to develop their own sites.  So I urge you to visit my new site and let me know what you think.

Visit »

Other iWeb Alternatives

There are many other iWeb Alternatives out there for those looking to replace iWeb.  Here’s my list of some of my favorite apps that I’ve tried out that are fairly similar to iWeb:

  • EverWeb – EverWeb is like a new, modern version of iWeb. Everything you loved about iWeb but with new features like mobile sites, drop down menus, built in SEO and more.
  • RapidWeaver from RealMac Software – This one was alive even before iWeb came to be.  In fact when iWeb first came out I remember thinking, this is a lot like RapidWeaver.  RapidWeaver continues to be developed and is a great option for those that are very familiar with iWeb.
  • Sandvox from Karelia Software – This is another one that is very similar to iWeb.
  • SquareSpace – Squarespace is a nice and easy onlinepaid subscription service that lets you easily create and manage a website. They take all the headache out of building your own site.  There are some limitations, but it’s pretty expandable to create what you want.  The only problem is that it’s a monthly subscription service in ultimately it’s the most expensive option in the long run.

There are of course many other options to create website easily such as Freeway, Posterous, Tumblr, Blogger, even Facebook as a Page, but these above are my top options if you are looking for easy software similar to iWeb.  But of course as I mentioned above I think WordPress is by the far the best publishing platform for building a website.  For that reason I created a whole new website where I’ll continue to teach you everything on how to get a website running with WordPress.


All in all iWeb is and has been an incredible tool and I really wish Apple would continue to develop it as I think there is so much potential there.  If you think about it iWeb is the only iLife application that doesn’t have a pro application counterpart.  iPhoto has Aperture, iMovie has Final Cut Pro, Garageband has Logic Pro, iDVD has DVD Studio Pro, and iWeb has…nothing.  I think if Apple were to serious invest in creating a pro iWeb application it would soar through the roof.  I hope that they realize that, but until they do I will continue to add great iWeb tips and tricks here on and will start to build more content on to help those who want to go to the next level in web development.

Mar 20

Tip #27 - CSS Buttons in iWebThis tip is a very easy and helpful tip for any iWeb site.  It allows you to easily add great looking buttons to your iWebsite.  Usually to create buttons in iWeb you have to use the iWeb shapes with some creative colors, but this tip simply has you paste some code in an HTML Snippet hit apply and you’ll have a beautiful CSS button.  CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is the core to the style, colors, fonts, etc to any website.  So we are using this type of code to create buttons only using code, meaning no images or anything.  They end up looking fantastic on your site, load very quickly, and are very easy to put into your site.  So let’s get started on how to get them into your site.

Continue reading »

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Feb 13

Snow in iWebAfter adding snow to my site here on back in December I got a lot of people on the forum, facebook, and twitter requesting to post a tutorial on how to add snow to their iWeb sites.  So I’ve found a really easy way to add this to your own site.  I’ve created two ways that you can do this.  You can either just add it into an HTML snippet and it will only snow in the snippet (which you can size to whatever size you want), or if you want it to snow everywhere (like I had on the site) you have to publish your site, then open your html page in an html editor and add just one line of code.  It’s super simple, so let me walk your through how to do it. Continue reading »

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Dec 19

Image Sliders in iWebiWeb Tip #25 is on how to get image sliders in iWeb.  Adding an image slider to your website is a great way to catch the eye from your viewers and draw there attention in.  You can easily add an image in iWeb, but what makes image sliders great is the ability to make the images interactive with your visitors.  So this post is all about getting different types of image sliders into iWeb. So let’s get started!

Continue reading »

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Nov 03

Here’s quick MicroTip on making shiny buttons. We’ve all seen it on other sites, buttons with that reflective shine to it.   Well this microtip will show you how to get a shiny button without using any fancy graphic program like photoshop or illustrator.  Just watch this and you’ll be making shiny buttons in no time. Enjoy!

(By the way there is no audio, just watch :-) )

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Aug 14

Print Button in iWebiWeb Tip #24  is on how to add a print page button in iWeb.  There are times when you create a page on your website that viewers might want or need to print frequently, so this tip will help you add an easy “Print Page” button to your site.  This tip makes it quick and easy!  Simply paste the code below in an html snippet and that’s it! So here we go:

Continue reading »

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May 12

Comments in iWebSo you have a website you’ve created in iWeb and you have a blog or page that you want to add comments to, well then this is the iWeb tip for you.  This post is all about getting comments into your iWebsite.  iWeb has a built in commenting system, but it is for MobileMe Members only.  In this tip I will show you how to add comments to your iWeb made site no matter who you are hosting your site with!  Adding comments into your iWeb made site is great way to add interactive elements for your viewers, they start conversations and it starts to build a community on your website, plus giving you some feedback on your post.  I’ve seen many people post that they’ve wanted this added as a tip in the iWeb Forum here, and finally here it is.  So lets get started.

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May 12

Are you hosting your iWeb site on your server? That means that you can’t use the built in comments feature in iWeb. It only works if you have a MobileMe membership. Well here comes iWebUnlimited to the rescue. Now you can get comments into iWeb no matter who your hosting your website with. Just follow the steps in this video and your set!

If your doing the iFrame way use this code below to create a blank HTML page:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
<!-- Add Comment Code Here -->

If you found this video helpful, please consider donating to the iWebUnlimited cause by clicking below.


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Apr 29

Photo Swapper HTML Image Viewer in iWeb.

This adds a little image swapping viewer in iWeb.  Just follow the steps in the video tutorial.

Continue reading »

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Apr 23

Google Search in iWeb

It’s finally here!  An easy way to get Google search on your iWeb site! Woo hoo!

So there are a few ways to get a Google Search into your iWebsite, an easy “paste code into an html snippet” way and a “more complex but sweet integrated google results” way.  So let’s start with the easy one first, then we’ll move to the more complex one.  Here we go!

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Apr 15

Turn Non Web-Safe fonts into Images in iWeb. You can easily turn non web-safe fonts into image by putting a shadow on it then drop the opacity to 5% so the shadow is not seen. Unless you want the shadow of course then leave its percentage up. This will turn your text into an image. Great if you want to use a non-websafe font like papyrus or something.

Apr 15

Unfortunatley Apple hasnt added grouping of objects in iWeb yet, but its pretty easy to use a cousin app like Keynote to group objects then copy and paste back into iWeb.

Apr 15

Ever try to move a text box into the footer or out of the header of your page and find that you cant? The little tip is to hold the command key down as you drag and you can move the text box over those borders. Yay!

Apr 15

You can quickly rotate graphics and text boxes by holding down the command key and drag on a corner of a selected object.

Mar 10

Edit: I’m leaving Jason’s post below, but I wanted to show you guys a much much much easier way to add your meta tags to your iWeb website. I never recommend iWeb users to edit the HTML on their site. It’s really not necessary, especially with the resources made available to us. So watch this video on how to add meta tags to your iWeb website. You’ll also see how to add other items such as Title Tags, Alt Text, Meta Description, and codes for Google Analytics and If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know!

Need a little more help in the search engine war with your iWeb site? Well this tutorial will show you how to add Meta Tags to your iWeb pages.

Continue reading »

Feb 21

Highslide JS is a great way to get that ever so popular image zoom effect just like the fancy zoom post I’ve done in the past. The difference is, is that this one will give you the ability to zoom more than just images. Though FancyZoom is a bit more light weight, there are some great advantages to Highslide. This tutorial will need the use of an HTML editor like Coda, Espresso, Dreamweaver, even TextEdit. You’ll also be using the tips page for the code reference and download which can be found here.

Feb 21

So your iWeb is getting pretty packed with pages and multiple sites and maybe even your band asked you to create a website for them and you don’t want to combine it with all your personal webpage files in iWeb. How do you create a whole new iWeb file and jump back and forth between your sites. Well this video shows you all of that. You can have as many iWeb files as you’d like. iWeb has no file>open option so learning this trick will help you make multiple sites and be able to jump between them as you please.

For OS X Lion Users

If you’ve install OS X Lion on your mac then you’ll need to do this a bit differently.  Simply download my application below and every time you launch it Lion will ask you to choose your iWeb domain file that you want to open.  Enjoy!

Download iWeb Launch App »

Feb 21

FancyZoom in iWeb, huh? What’s that. Well there are a many websites these days that have that popular image zoom effect so that when you click on the image it animates the photo larger. Well many have asked, how can I do that with iWeb? Well here it is, this is the tutorial to show you just how to do that. Keep in mind this one is a bit more complex, but it can be done without getting your hands to dirty in code.

Feb 21

This tutorial shows you how you can use Keynote from the iWork family to enhance the graphics in iWeb. Take a look.

Feb 21

This tutorial will show you how to make different parts of your image clickable.  Great if you want each head of a family photo to go to a different page, or a sports team photo, or many other possibilities.

Feb 21

Trying to get flash video into iWeb eh? You can’t bring it in like you do a regular flash .swf file. Flash video extension is .flv and it can’t work without some sort of .swf player to go with it. This video shows you some tricks to get flash video into iWeb. There are quite a few different options and this tutorial will show you how to get your flash video in iWeb in many different ways.

Here are the steps below:


Step 1:

Get video you desire to be a flash video and convert it to .flv format if it’s not already.

How do I convert my video to flash video you ask?

Well there are a number of different ways.  You are going to need one of these converter below:

  • Adobe Media Converter (comes with CS4 or Flash Video Encoder from CS3)
  • Visual Hub (no longer in development, but if you got it while it was out, lucky you)
  • Aimersoft Video Converter ($65)
  • Perian QuickTime Plug-In + QuickTime Pro (Perian is free, QuickTime Pro is $29)
  • SoThink FLV Converter ($45)
  • FFMpegX (Free, but it requires some external file installations, they make it a little difficult to get, so here it is made easy by me.  Click here to download the app and here to download the extra files.  Your welcome ;-).  You can get instructions and more info on the software here. After you open the .dmg file and drap application to your app folder and launch the app it will ask you to locate 3 files to add onto it.  They are the ones I provided.  I would recommend moving them to home folder/library/application support/ffmpegx (you’ll make this folder)/put 3 files here that were in the .zip folder here.  Then in the FFMpegX App you’ll know where to find the 3 files to install and they’ll be in a safe place where no one will touch them.  Hope that makes sense.  If it sounds to complex, just go buy one of the other converters above to make life easier for you.)

Which ever converter you use, just convert that video file to a .flv format.  So in a nutshell, step one is convert video to .flv

Step 2:

Download the Longtail Video JW player by clicking here»

You’ll be downloading a .zip file.  Double-click to open and inside you will see 2 files; one called “player.swf” and the other “swfobject.js”.  We will need these files to make this work.  So now we should have a total of three files

  1. Our .flv flash video we converted in step one
  2. player.swf file
  3. swfobject.js file

We just need to do one more thing and we’re ready to roll

Step 3:

We’ll need to have an image that will sit there until the user decides to click play.  So just export out a frame of your video.

It might be easier to go back to your original video to export out the frame.  You can do this in QuickTime pro, iMovie, Final Cut, and many other apps.  Or if you want to make it simple, just play your video, stop it on a frame that you would like to be your hold image and do a screen shot.  You can do a screen shot by pressing “command + shift + 4” on your mac, then draw a box around the frame of video your holding on.  When you let go you’ll have a new .png still frame  on your desktop.  We are going to use this to be the video preview.

You should now have four files.  Fyew.  These are all the files we need and we are ready to roll.  So we should have these four files

  1. Flash Video (our .flv video we converted in step one)
  2. “player.swf” (file we downloaded in step 2)
  3. “swfobject.js” (file we downloaded in step3)
  4. Preview image (file we created in this step.  You should name it preview.png)

For file size reasons you may want to open that image you created in step 3 in the application “Preview” and choose file>save as and save it as a jpeg image and bring the image quality down a bit so that the file loads quickly on the web.  Just a suggestion, if you have photoshop you could choose file>save for web and size it down that way too.  You can use a .png file or a .jpeg file for this

Step 4:

Now put those four files (.flv, .swf, .js,(.png or .jpeg)) onto the server, meaning your iDisk or your own ftp server.  If your using MobileMe I’d recommend making a folder called flash in this location: iDisk/Web/Sites/flash/put 4 files here. Just make sure you have these 4 files on your iDisk or server all all will be well.

Step 5:

Almost done.  All we need to do now is use the below code in an html snippet and replace the items in red with our own server path names.

<script type="text/javascript"
<div id="player">This text will be replaced</div>
<script type="text/javascript">
var so = new SWFObject('','mpl','720','480','9');

Just replace the items in red with the path that goes to your files on the iDisk replacing the appropriate names to point to the right place.  So be sure to put in your MobileMe username and your correct flash video name (yourflashvideo.flv) and your preview image (myimage.jpeg or myimage.png).  Also be sure to adjust the width and height of your video with the 2 numbers that are red in the code.  Once it’s all updated and you have all your links pointing to the right spot, hit “apply”.


We now have flash video in iWeb successfully! Yay!

Hope it wasn’t too complicated for ya.  Just do it a couple times and you’ll have it down in no time.  There is a video I made that will walk you through this too if you’d rather look at that.  Just got the Video Tutorials section and it’s all about flash video.

Note: You can use Longtail Video JW Player on your site for free as long as your not selling anything, have ads on your site, etc.  If you are doing those things you need to purchase a license.  It’s €30 (Euro) which is about $41 dollars.  You can purchase a license here»

More Notes:

If your wanting to customize the JW player, they have a nifty little embed code creator that you can tell it what paramaters you want to be set.  Click here to go to it.