EverWeb is a website builder for OS X that works just like Apple’s discontinued iWeb.

Like iWeb, you can drag and drop text, images and shapes anywhere on your webpage without any restrictions. You can use built in templates or you can start from a blank template and design a complete site on your own.

EverWeb creates fast loading, highly optimized HTML5 code. It lets you create drop down menus, image sliders, add e-commerce stores and even create mobile sites.

EverWeb is free to try and is a great alternative to iWeb.

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We highly recommend EverWeb to build your website.

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  1. Laura Patton says:

    My website is on the internet. However, I cannot update it. When it was host changed to Linnox and my website would not work, I changed hosts. Something happened and now I can’t publish a new page or remove a page. The turn off and on for live or not live won’t work. Maybe there is a way to make it work. But I will do anything just to be able to have a website. I downloaded and purchased EverWeb years ago, but couldn’t do what I wanted to do. I just updated the program and it looks more like Apple. However, I like to use just blank pages and put what I what on them. I like a solid black background. I see a blank page, but would like to know if I can make it different colors. Any advice you could give will be appreciated. I saw where you can download my iWeb site to EverWeb and, if that will work, I would like to do that. Sincerely, Laura Patton

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