Apr 10

Highslide in iWebHere it is, finally a fancy zoom that will allow us to get not only images, but flash, video, and other html content.  So first let me answer the question, what is Highslide JS?  Highslide JS is a great way to get that ever so popular image zoom effect just like the fancy zoom post I did in the past.  The difference is, is that this one will give you the ability to zoom more than just images.  Though FancyZoom is a bit more light weight, there are some great advantages to Highslide.  This tutorial you will need the use of an HTML editor like Coda, Espresso, Dreamweaver, even TextEdit.  Just as long as you have some way to edit the html after iWeb publishes.  I try to do as many tutorials trying not to get into post published html, but sometimes you just gotta do it to get the desired effect.  So here is an easiest way I’ve found to get it into iWeb.

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