Feb 13

Although Mavericks has been out for a while now, iWeb users who have not yet upgraded have been emailing me wondering if iWeb works properly on Mavericks (OS X 10.9).

The short answer is, yes it will work just as it does on Lion and Mountain Lion.

The long answer is that there is a growing number of features that have stopped working, and they are mostly related to MobileMe closing. These features include Google Maps, MobileMe Galleries, Password Protection, Blog search, and Blog commenting.

Although we have discussed some alternatives for the above such as how to add Google Maps to an iWeb site. The reality is that the work arounds are getting a bit tedious now.

In addition, iWeb will never support the newer features introduced with each operating system or hardware. For example, it is not possible to create Retina ready websites for iPhones, iPads and Retina MacBooks. New CSS techniques that let you properly style text without converting them to images and new, modern styling techniques will never be supported in iWeb. That’s a big shame and something that will hold back your website from its full potential.

As we’ve discussed before, EverWeb is a great iWeb alternative. Recently EverWeb introduced Master Pages which means you can design your site once and then apply that design to all pages on your site. When you want to update your site’s design, you just update the Master Page and your entire site is updated. This also means that re-designing your iWeb site in EverWeb just got much easier. Future updates to your site will also be much more manageable. You no longer have to go through each page on your site whenever you want to make a small design change.

As of this writing, EverWeb 1.3 is in beta testing and includes Password Protection (The ability to have unlimited passwords for different parts of your site, not just your entire site), 404 not found pages and direct FTP publishing.

My recommendation is that it’s time to replace iWeb with EverWeb. There is virtually no learning curve since they are very similar, EverWeb is actively developed for Mavericks and it includes more modern features that can benefit your website.

There is an iWeb to EverWeb video tutorial as well that can help you transfer your website.

Feb 05

As we have been discussing in previous posts, EverWeb is a new iWeb-like editor that will allow you to easily make your own website.  As I was talking to some small business owners last week, I was astounded to hear how much money they were spending on their websites, and nearly none of them we’re happy with the current site they had. It’s times like that I think we are lucky that we all know about iWeb and now EverWeb. Thousands of dollars can be saved by doing it yourself, and you just can’t put a price tag on having all the control over what gets done and how it gets done.

E-Commerce was a hot topic with iWeb, and this is no different with EverWeb. Luckily, adding e-commerce to an EverWeb made site is actually very easy to do using PayPal. All you will need is a free merchant account. You will be able to add Buy Now buttons, or even Add To Cart button’s that will allow users to add multiple items to their shopping carts before checking out. This is extremely useful for those of you that sell multiple items on your website. You can also use PayPal for adding Donate buttons, as well as subscription based payments.

If you do not like the default buttons that come with PayPal, you can upload your own custom buttons while creating the button on PayPal.

Here is a video tutorial that will actually show you the process of  setting up a basic add to cart button in PayPal. You may be surprised at just how easy it is.

If you have any comments or questions, please let me know. If there are any requests for similar third-party additions to your EverWeb site, leave a comment below and let me know. I hope everyone is having as much fun with EverWeb as I am.