Jul 14

Ever wonder where that tiny little icon next to the address bar, or on the left side of a tab in a web browser comes from? This tiny image is known as a favicon. It allows websites to ‘brand’ their site in a web browser with their company logo or icon. You can easily add your own icon to your site made in EverWeb. This feature is available on the Site Publishing Settings page. Normally you would need to upload a 16×16 image labeled ‘favicon.ico’ but EverWeb takes care of all of this for you. Just select the image you want to use and publish your site. The video tutorial below will illustrate how to utilize this feature.

Jul 10

One of EverWeb’s built-in widgets is the Image Slider. This widget allows you to create a slick looking slideshow on your website. Some people might use the image slider as a preview for a larger image gallery, or for other purposes such as a slideshow to show off their professional photographs. Whatever use you might have for the image slider, it is definitely a great addition to any website. EverWeb’s image slider widget is highly customizable so making it fit the design of your site is rather easy.

Below is a video tutorial that will show you how to use the image slider widget. From EverWeb’s latest major update (1.8) you can now make the image slider respond to the width of the browser. Let me know what you think of the image slider and what features you like/dislike or think needs to be added to it.

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