Feb 20

Redirect Pages in iWebRedirect pages in iWeb

This tip shows you how to redirect a page to another page.  There are many instances where you might find you’ll need to redirect one page to another and this tip will show you how.  One example might be if you are using iWeb built in auto navigation and you want one of the links to actually go to an external page.  Another example may be that you’ve posted a page and many people are linking to that page from other sites, so you need to keep the same page up to keep the link, but you actually want to redirect them to another page.

So here is how to redirect your page to another page:

1) Go to the page that is going to be the redirect page.
2) Add an HTML Snippet onto your page and paste this code:

<script type="text/javascript">

3) Then simply change the URL in the code to the page you want the page to be redirected to.
4) Then hit apply and your set.  You’ll find that once you publish your site and visit that page it will automatically redirect to the page you specified in the code.

Sometimes you want to redirect to another page after some time.  For example if you are redirect a user to another site you could send them to one of your pages that says something like “You are now being redirect to AnotherSite.com” then after 3 seconds or so it automatically directs them to the page.  To do that do the same steps as above, but simply paste this code below in an HTML snippet.

<script type="text/javascript">
var url ='https://yoursite.com/yourpage.html';
var delay = 3;
var d = delay * 1000;window.setTimeout('parent.location.replace(url)', d);

Then specify the URL and how long you want the redirect to delay and you’re set.

Hope that helps.

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