Nov 03

Here’s quick MicroTip on making shiny buttons. We’ve all seen it on other sites, buttons with that reflective shine to it. ¬† Well this microtip will show you how to get a shiny button without using any fancy graphic program like photoshop or illustrator. ¬†Just watch this and you’ll be making shiny buttons in no time. Enjoy!

(By the way there is no audio, just watch :-) )

8 Responses to “Shiny Buttons in iWeb”

  1. nice tutorial, i like it.


  2. Tim Kania says:

    Very cool! Thank you!

  3. Thanks, but I wish it had audio>

  4. maryann byrd says:

    needs audio…my 13 inch screen…it looks so small can’t make out details… but understand to make a button and give it a silver shadow? I think that is what it is describing…

  5. Very informative. I will not get to using it for awhile, but will study it soon. Thanks

  6. Eric S. says:

    Thanks for the nice fast tip!

  7. Kazzi says:

    Great demo but sound really needed to fully understand what you’re doing. Please add audio if poss. Thanks

  8. inquisitive says:

    The video is missing!!!

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