May 01

Transparent Flash in iWeb

This is much like the tutorial before on adding flash to iWeb, but sometimes you still want to use the background that you have in iWeb, or you want to use other graphics behind your flash file. Well here is the solution to have the background of your flash (.swf) file transparent. Continue reading »

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Feb 01
Flash in iWeb

See how to get Flash SWF files into iWeb

This tutorial will show you how to get an Adobe Flash created file into iWeb.  Flash adds all sorts of interactivity to your site as well as fun animations.  It really makes your sites come to life. iWeb does not accept those files natively to just drag and drop them in, so how can you get those files into iWeb?  Well, the HTML Snippets is the key. If you don’t know what flash is or how to use it there are many books, podcasts, online tutorials that can help you learn.  This tutorial is just how to get that flash created file into iWeb.  So buckle up, here we go.

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