Did you get stuck with iWeb? Here’s your solution!


I’ve been contacted over and over again about users stuck because Apple discontinued iWeb and they need a solution to update their site.

I know the feeling, you rely on a product, you learn it, you become an expert and then one day, it stops working! Do you really have time to learn something new?

Well you don’t have to worry anymore! I can get you converted from iWeb right into EverWeb which is almost the exact same thing, just with new, modern features. If you used iWeb, EverWeb will feel like the exact same thing.

I’ve teamed up with EverWeb to help update an iWeb site and bring it into EverWeb.

With this service you will get virtually the exact same iWeb site, just built in the new, modern EverWeb app, which works just like iWeb and with constant updates, 24/7 customer support and awesome new features.

Within 10 days (depending on the size of the iWeb site), you’ll be back in business with the ability to update your website with EverWeb, with absolutely no work on your part.

Get Your iWeb Conversion Quote

Simply fill out the iWeb Conversion form on EverWeb’s website.  Myself or someone from EverWeb will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote for you.

Convert Your iWeb Site On Your Own

Looking to convert your iWeb site to EverWeb on your own? That’s no problem either.

This iWeb to EverWeb video tutorial will discuss how this can be down.

Did you know EverWeb can even import your iWeb blog? It’s the only tool available that can actually import al your blog posts. Learn how in the iWeb to EverWeb Blog Import Video Tutorial.


No matter which option you choose, I want to relieve the frustration you may have when updating your iWeb site. So please, leave any questions here and I’m happy to address any questions!


Why Update to EverWeb?

I’ll list just a few of the benefits of updating your iWeb site to EverWeb.

  1. EverWeb is actually support and constantly updated.
  2. EverWeb has 24/7 customer support
  3. MasterPages lets you update one page and have your changes reflected on your entire site
  4. Mobile Pages!
  5. Built in SEO features for more website visitors
  6. Dropdown navigation menus
  7. eCommerce and PayPal integration
  8. Fast loading pages, HTML5 and CSS3
  9. Lots of third party widgets and add ons



    • iwebunlimited 22 January, 2019 at 04:45 Reply

      EverWeb costs $79.95 USD for a one time license with one year of updates and support.

      You can also get the all-inclusive package which includes web hosting and the EverWeb software for $99.95 USD per year.

      You can purchase EverWeb here.

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