EverWeb 3.9: All New Dividers Provide A Modern Touch To Your Website


All new in EverWeb 3.9 are Dividers, a way to easily add some cool and modern design touches to your EverWeb website. They are highly flexible and customizable. At first, they might not appear to be too useful, but as you use them, you will see the kind of effects you can add to your website’s design.

Dividers can be added to any element on your website, including images, text and widgets. However, the best place to use them is on Full Width shapes or Responsive Rows with background fills. This is because they provide a great way to separate sections on your site.

You can find them all over EverWeb’s website, here is one example

.EverWeb Dividers

As you can see, they produce a cool effect for each section.

How to Use EverWeb’s Dividers to Enhance Your Website

Dividers are easy to add to your site, but due to the diversity in options you have, there are so many ways you can use them.

First, select the element on your page that you want to add the Divider to and then go to the Inspector->Shape Options and scroll down to the Dividers section. You will see you can apply a top and/or bottom divider to the selected shape.

EverWeb Dividers Inspector

The first think you want to do is select the option to Use the divider and then select the patter you want to use. You can change the pattern at any time you want. Then adjust the height, color, width and opacity to match the design you like.

Underneath these options you can further customize the design by flipping it vertically or horizontally, placing the design outside of the element and showing the divider above any content within the element, The last option works best with Responsive Rows to give you the look you want.

There are so many dividers to choose from so play around with the options until you get the look you want.

You can check out EverWebGarden.com as well for some samples of how dividers can be used to enhance your website.

EverWeb Dividers Sample

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