SEO in EverWeb: Part 1 – Meta tags


Unlike iWeb, EverWeb has built in support for many SEO features. For those still using iWeb, most of the features found in iWeb SEO Tool are actually built into EverWeb. This makes optimizing your EverWeb sites much easier.

This article will go over the basic meta tags that can easily be added in EverWeb.

When your website is opened in EverWeb go to the Inspector and select the Page Settings (first tab). From here you will see fields for your web page file name, title tag, and meta description. I’ll explain each of these below.

Meta Tags in EverWeb

Meta Tags in EverWeb

File names
Your web page file name is what will appear in the path bar at the top of your browser. For example, it will be show up as;

Website File Names

The file name in this case is filename.html

For file names you should include 1-3 keywords, separate by -‘s. So for example if your website sells computer widgets you may want to use;


All your files names should be unique and related to the content on the page. Your default page (the first page listed in EverWeb’s web page list) will always be named index.html no matter what is entered in here.

Title Tags
The title tag is what appears at the very top of your web browser and in search engine result pages when someone searches for your website.

It is important for title tags to contain your most important keywords yet be short and enticing so searchers would want to click it if it appeared in their search results.

A good title tags contains 2-5 characters and is no more than 140 characters long. For example;

Computer Widgets – Florida’s Top Widget Maker

A good idea is to have your city name if you are a local company.

Web Page Description
Your web page description is hidden from your visitors when they visit your page but it is what appears underneath your title tag in search engines.

A good description relates to your web page and contains some of your important keywords. It also entices people to click your link when it appears in search engines.

Descriptions should be kept relatively short and only contain about 2-3 sentences.

Web Page Keywords
Web page keywords used to be used a long time ago by search engines to rank your web site. These days they aren’t used much and can actually hurt your rankings. For example, Bing will use them detect keyword spam if you use too many unrelated keywords in there. It is best NOT to use the meta keywords tag. It has been left out of EverWeb for that reason.

In our next post we’ll dive deeper into search engine optimization tips for your EverWeb website.


  1. Pamela Adams 24 July, 2016 at 15:15 Reply

    My website includes a blog. Since you eliminated keywords with EverWeb, how am I suppose to tag each blog so searches will link to my particular pages? I need some way for search engines to find my blogs when keywords are searched.

    • iwebunlimited 21 September, 2016 at 07:10 Reply

      The keyword meta tag doesn’t do that. It has not been used by search engines for more than 15 years.

      Search engines will find your website based on the content in your blog.

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