iWeb Replacements for 2016. What are you waiting for?


It’s surprising while scanning the number of people who have held on to iWeb after all this time.

A quick visit to the Apple Discussion forums still shows some people have stayed with iWeb.

Although there are a bunch of options for building a website these days, the overwhelming consensus has been to switch to EverWeb because of the similarities to iWeb and the company behind it, a long time supporter of iWeb.

I think a lot of users have been holding out for the much anticipated blogging feature in EverWeb 2.0. Fortunately it looks like the long wait is over, EverWeb 2.0 will include the popular blogging request.

According the above link, what interests me the most is the ability to import WordPress and iWeb blog post data.

I have been considering switching this website over to EverWeb and it looks like with the impending EverWeb 2.0 release with blogging support, it may just be the time to do it.

So if you’ve been holding out on making the switch it may be about time to take another look at EverWeb, especially with the latest iWeb issues on macOS Sierra.

What has kept you sticking with iWeb? Are you waiting for the EverWeb blogging feature?


  1. Hamza 19 June, 2022 at 04:09 Reply

    I can’t find a way to publish an EverWeb site to an SFTP server. I don’t want to pay because why should I? I had a free solution and I want any replacements to remain free.

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