Feb 21

This tutorial  will show you how to get files created with Adobe Flash (.swf) into iWeb. By using a little code.

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  1. qasp says:

    Awesome. Thanks mate, an useful and great web

  2. omar says:

    Hi, Great tutorial. Where could I get the code?



  3. omar says:

    Hi, I got it. I have to click on Tips Blog to look for the code. Very nice. Thank you,


  4. Sterling says:

    Is there anyway to make a flash loader for an iweb website. Like the first thing you see when someone clicks on a link and they see a loading bar. Could you do a tutorial on that.

  5. Zack says:

    This code isn’t quite working for me.. what’s the exact url of the web folder this is the URL code i have in place


    Is this correct, because its not working?

  6. darwin says:

    I did all the steps described above to import my SWF to iweb 09. it worked, except there was no sound or video
    working! please help.

  7. Larry says:


    Thanks for being a tremendous resource for folks like me!

    Tip#21 is awesome…

  8. After viewing the tutorial, the code was not listed below and or for that matter anywhere else. Where is the code?

  9. Davina says:

    Hi Jason,

    How do you convert an image/file to an SWF file? Are there any converters for free that you recommend? I tried to download Adobe Flash but its not working for some reason. Im getting “Adobe Flash Player Manager” and not the actual app.
    Please help, Im only steps away from understanding the entire process but I can’t get my files converted to use your nifty html link :)
    thank you so much! Amazing site btw

  10. Bryan says:

    Hi Jason

    You mentioned that you are able to use this tutorial no matter what server you are using. In the tutorial, you used your imac name for the code but what if you do not use imac. I happen to be using GoDaddy. What should I be entering into the code? Thanks!

  11. Garrett says:

    Is there anyway to make the flash movie pause when someone clicks on it?

    Thanks! And great tutorial!


  12. robin.h.s says:

    Works fine and I can get the flash into iweb. All looks good on my computer (mac with firefox)

    However when I check the site on Internet Explorer, the flash windows are incorrect.
    1 of them is too small and incorrectly place.
    The second is the wrong size and goes of the page and the end is cut of?

    Is there a way to rectify this in the HTML code for each flash box??

    Please Help.

  13. xoom says:

    I am linking this webpage from my personal blog . this has all the usefull data necessary.

  14. Tom says:

    WOW!!! beutifull site. Thanks for your work and toutorials ;)

  15. Dhouglas says:

    Do you know if we can make Iweb recognize the actions in animations in flash buttons? Is there a code for that?


  16. June Simpson says:

    Your tutorial is very good and easy to follow and very professional. However when I paste the code into iWeb HTML, no matter how many different combinations I try, I too get the white box only. I have a Mobile me account and presume the address path is this http://www.me.com/username/flash/flashfile.swf but it doesn’t work?
    Help please.

  17. June Simpson says:

    I’ve cracked it – http://web.me.com/username/Flash/flashfile.swf
    I kept on using http:www.me.com etc

  18. dennis says:

    i got the flash file working but the site visitor has to enter a password for mobile me for some reason. do you know what this is?

  19. Troy Dixon says:

    I’ve spent hours trying this.. Not working for me.. I’ve tried every which way.

    Does it have something to do with mobile me family pack??

  20. Troy Dixon says:


  21. Arctic says:

    Hey man,
    Thank you very much for this tutorial.
    I’m running into a bit of a problem with this code though.
    When I embed my flash file into iWeb, I can view it with no problems however the buttons do not function. They animate when mouse over and off but they do not link. I played the swf file outside iWeb and the buttons are OK and functional. What could be the problem?

    Thank you muchly i advance

  22. Ron says:

    I got the .swf file working, but still have a problem:
    I make 360 degree interactive panorama’s. They’re all .swf files.
    But some of them (when including a full-screen option) use an external folder with content from which they get data.
    So I upload the .swf file AND the data-folder to my webserver, and use your code.
    But now the .swf file keeps on loading and can’t find the data.
    Is there any way to do this?
    Thanks for helping out!

  23. sitetemp2011 says:

    How can I use this code, but with a transparent flash background?
    Because my background (on iWeb) was made in photoshop, and the flash background is white! so.. doesnt look good
    is there anything I can do to make the flash background to be transparent?

  24. Nice tutorial video.
    I’ve almost given up to build my web site by using iWeb because the web builder lis available to renew the pages… But it was not. If flash file I’ve already made can be put in iweb page, it is great.
    By the way where can I get that tag dcde you are mentioning on the video.

  25. My email address I left shortly ago was wrong. Sorry. Here I leave the correct one for you.Thanks. Hiro

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