iWeb Tip #11 – Polls in iWeb


Polls in iWebEver wanted to put a poll of some sort on your website?  It’s actually quite easier than you may think.  The key to getting a great looking poll on your site is the 3rd party service Poll Daddy at PollDaddy.com.  It’s very customizable, has many features to play with, it’s super easy, and it’s free!  Here’s how:

Step 1:
Go to PollDaddy.com and create a free account,

Step 2:
hit create poll and choose your questions and your answers for your poll.

Step 3:
Adjust features to be on your poll and change the look and feel, then save.

Step 4:
You’ll then get some code to copy, jump over to iWeb and paste it into an html snippet.

That’s it.  It has many features that I’d recommend checking into while your logged in.

Really that’s it! Go make some fun Polls for your website.

Here’s an example I’ve made from PollDaddy working in iWeb »


  1. Steve 10 June, 2010 at 07:17 Reply

    hey Thank You! but i have a problem with the comments and rates, a made them and they work perfect but if i put them in two pages the comments are the same than in the other page, the rates too.
    Please help! thank you!

  2. Bruno 28 September, 2011 at 21:30 Reply

    it was to goog to be true! It didn’t work on Firefox. Even following the other 2 steps that the Polldaddy says when it doen’st work on Firefox. It only worked on Safari. did you guys have the same problem?! Please HELP! :)

  3. anne 5 December, 2011 at 19:17 Reply

    yeah. i had the same disappointing problem. i’m using iWeb & mobileme. Rating and show results doesn’t work in firefox. Preview on polldaddy works, though. I’m bummed b/c i spent a lot of time fiddling with this poll that ended up being a mere decoration. :(

  4. anne 5 December, 2011 at 19:20 Reply

    Ok- just noticed that the sample listed on this webpage works just fine. Please share what you did, oh wise iwebunlimited developer! :)

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