Feb 21

This tutorial shows you how you can use Keynote from the iWork family to enhance the graphics in iWeb. Take a look.

7 Responses to “Video Tutorial-Using Keynote for Graphics”

  1. JDrewX says:

    Great stuff! Thx for those great tips!

  2. Archaic Youth says:


  3. Michael says:

    You rock man

    I love the way you explain & how easy it is to watch your videos. I watch. I pause. I do. I replay. I go back. etc. Fantastic.

  4. Matthew says:

    Thanks alot i am using this for my website and don’t worry i will not take credit

  5. Frank says:

    I can select Make editable?

  6. MICHAL says:

    Hellou, I have iWeb 3.0.4 and I haven’t in Arrange ” Group”. Where is the mistake? Can you help me, thx

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