Nov 28

Uers look at the address bar in their web browser and see their URL which might look something like this

There is a very easy way to change this URL to appear much cleaner. The end result will have your URL look something like

which is much shorter, and much cleaner looking.

Take a look at this video tutorial which will show you how to easily do this. All you need is iWeb SEO Tool, which is available to download for free! This extremely popular video over 5000 views and many iWeb users have been utilizing this method for making their URLs shorter.

8 Responses to “How To Shorten Your iWeb URL”

  1. Shivam Sinha says:

    I have used iWeb to create my website and published it directly to my FTP server. Now because iWeb SEO uses folder websites, I find it difficult to edit my website and gain higher ranks on search engines. What can I possibly do, because I find downloading my website from the server and editing and then re-uploading to using a 3rd party uploader. Please help me Jason, I also have some pending questions on your ” Vanilla Forums Post”.

    Can you also tell me how I can use non web-safe fonts in the CSS Buttons? And when is you tut coming out, the sneek-peek from twitter?

    I am regularly checking back and hoping you will have a solution :P


    • jeremy says:

      Why do you find it difficult to rank higher? Ranking higher is exactly what iWeb SEO Tool is supposed to help you accomplish.

      • Shivam Sinha says:

        Well… Yeah I know that, but I publish my website directly to an FTP server and its a pain to download the website and then re-uploading it every time I update it.

        • Jeremy says:

          You don’t need to download it. You just have to publish it to a local folder (which takes just a few seconds) and then load it in iWeb SEO Tool and publish it from there. You would be publishing it either way, so the only extra step is publishing to a local folder, then loading in iWeb SEO Tool, which should all only take 30 seconds to do.

  2. wowgoldjmq says:

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